Sonntag, 4. Mai 2008


Cinco de Mayo is an important day for Mexican history and therefore Chris from Mele Cotte and the National Mango Board invite us to celebrate this day with Mango. Thanks, Zorra, for blogging about this event and preparing Mango Chutney. Otherwise I wouldn't have known about the event.

We had a wonderful mango for breakfast this morning. It was so ripe and delicious...

As half of the mango was left, I decided to follow Chris' invitation and try one of the recipes on the link he mentioned. I wanted to make something quick and easy. Well, no problem: There are 12 quick and easy recipes!

As I love Margaritas I chose the Mango-rita. Serving size 1 actually filled almost 2 of my Margarita glasses, so this was perfect.

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Categories:Beverage, Cocktail, Mango, Mexico
Yield:2 Servings


1cupCrushed ice
1largeRipe mango, peeled, pitted, and diced
2tablesp.Freshly squeezed lime juice, (reserve one
-- squeezed lime half to moisten glass rims)
Coarse salt

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Barbara Furthmüller


Combine ice, mango, tequila and lime juice in a blender and puree until smooth. Moisten rims of 2 margarita glasses with reserved lime half and dip each glass rim in coarse salt. Pour Mango-rita into glasses.



  1. Wow! This looks so refreshing. I would love to be sipping on it right now! (Although if I did, the round up might be a bit off kilter! ha ha...) Thanks so much for participating in Cinco de Mango. The round up will be posted tomorrow.

  2. @ Chris: It was very refreshing on a warm Sunday late afternoon. Not as hot as in Mexico, but still quite nice.

    Looking forward to the round up.

  3. Da würdeich glatt auf einen Drink vorbeischauen... Dein Mango-rita lacht mich an!

  4. Eine Wiese wo geheimnuisvolle Blüten in voller Pracht stehen :-) So muss eine Mango-Margarita serviert werden.

  5. Ich komm dann gleich mal zu einem Mango-rita vorbei. ;-)

  6. @ rike: Der hat mich auch angelacht. ;-)

    @ kulinaria katastrophalia: Ganz geheime Blüten waren das. Entscheidend für das kulinarische Erlebnis ist auch der Doppelstamm des Klarapfelbaums im Hintergrund.

    @ zorra: Jederzeit. :-)

  7. Hasta la vista baby!
    Was für ein Zufall, eine Mango schreit schon aus dem Obstkorb!

  8. Arriba! Das gefällt mir und die Aussichten sind gut - das schöne Wetter bleibt nämlich!

  9. @ entegutallesgut: Prost! :-)

    @ schnuppschnuess: Dann genießen wir das Wetter und machen es uns gemütlich mexikanisch.

  10. first time visiting your blog....that mango beverage sounds delicious.