Montag, 25. Juni 2007

Bread with Rosemary and Lavender

There's a new monthly foodblog-event: breadbakingday. Thanks, Zorra, for this nice idea!

Well, actually, I am not that much into bread baking... I just started to bake my own bread and I use a bread machine and yeast, so this is level 1, I suppose! ;-)

Anyway, I like the results and the more I read about baking bread the more I think I should go for it and test some more recipes.

I love French breads: It's like summer in the south of France, a "pain au romarin" with fresh "chèvre"
and the wonderful pure air of the Provence. Here's my "French Bread with Rosemary and Lavender" - à la Provençale!

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Title:French Bread with Rosemary and Lavender
Categories:Baking, Bread, Bread machine, France, Herbs
Yield:2 Loaves


1 1/4cupsLukewarm water
1 1/2tablesp.Sugar
1tablesp.Rosemary, chopped
Lavender, chopped
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Barbara Furthmüller


Pour lukewarm water into the bowl of a bread machine. Add flour, salt, sugar and yeast. Start the machine (program: dough) and let it knead the dough. After some time (depending on the machine) add the herbs.

The dough is quite soft and sticky. Put it onto a table, take a bit of flour and shape the dough into 2 long loaves. Make a few longish cuts with a sharp knife. Let the loaves rest for 20 minutes.

Heat oven to 200°C and bake for 20 minutes. Enjoy!


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  1. Tja, wenn einem mal das Brotbackfieber packt. ;-) Tolles Brot und danke fürs Mitmachen.



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